Although Daniel Bryan was not in the house to defend his IC gold, Extreme Rules still delivered. In an unprecedented first, there are two first place winners for the Pick 'Em contest! After going to all three tiebreakers, Robert Kojder and Derek Frisco both put up 38 points and will split the top cash prize. Robert hails from Atlanta, GA and Derek is no stranger to Pick 'Em contest victory as he is a previous winner.

Ahzeem Evans from the 404 also had 38 points and was bumped to second place via the tiebreaker.

Tessa Palumbo made some noise with her 37 points en route to 3rd place. Nice job!

Justin Roberts from sunny Freedom, PA will be picking out any shirt of his choice from after an impressive 4th place finish. Check him out on Facebook at Justinjrromeoroberts.

Holding down Cape Cod, MA and 5th place like no other is Dylan Rafuse who will have free entry into the remaining 2015 Pick 'Em contests. Nice picks, Dylan. Follow him on Twitter @thatdudesings

6th-10th place saw multiple ties. Here are the 6th-10th place winners:

Check out the pics of our winners. Thanks to everyone who participated! We will be back with a Money in the Bank Pick 'em contest where the winner will get cash and their own custom made Money in the Bank contract briefcase! Follow us on twitter @wrestlerumble and