The results are in!

No Mercy-Mania is in the history books. As the wrestling world expresses their rage over Enzo Amore attaining his first WWE gold and ponders the future of John Cena, Justin Lloyd of Pittsburgh, PA is celebrating his Pick 'Em victory! The man who goes by @king_2point0 on Twitter absolutely crushed it with his No Mercy picks. Stefen Djordjevic would be proud as Justin had all the right moves when making his picks. Ending the evening with 271 points, Justin nabs his first Pick 'Em victory since the 2014 Royal Rumble. Congrats!

Not far off was the Mayor of NYC James McKenna who put forth an impressive Pick 'Em performance with 266 points. James racked up some MVP points and looks to nab the top spot in the Hell in a Cell Pick 'Em. Catch James on Twitter @chillhartman.

AK Singh, no relation to The Bollywood Boyz, takes the 3rd spot with 256 big ones. A formidable Pick 'Em foe, AK is also gunning for the MVP award, watch out! Drew VanJura tallied up 243 points, Milo Radivojac lands on the 233 runway and Alonso Fraden didn't miss a beat with 231 points to finish in 4th, 5th and 6th place. Great picks, fellas!

Everybody's favorite clown to hurl obscenities towards, Frank The Clown, was on his A game with his picks as he finished in 7th place with a cool 228 points. Check Frank out on Twitter @FrankWWEClown. Laffie Green, Liz McDaniel and Kyle Kohanski round out the top 10, all with 227 points. Thank you to everyone who participated in the No Mercy Pick 'Em! We will be back soon with the announcement of our Hell in a Cell prize list, stay tuned!

Top Scores:

  1. Justin Lloyd 271
  2. James McKenna 266
  3. AK Singh 256
  4. Drew VanJura 243
  5. Milo Radivojac 233
  6. Alonso Fraden 231
  7. Frank The Clown 228
  8. Laffie Gren 227
  9. Liz McDaniel 227
  10. Kyle Kohanski 227
  11. Hayley Murrell 226
  12. Jayden Holman 226
  13. Jared Coop 225
  14. Kevin Fort 222
  15. Ryan Satin 221
  16. Stephen Jensen 217
  17. John DeLaat III 216
  18. Jamareo Phillips 216
  19. Joshua Stephens 215
  20. Cody Hogan 213
  21. Kevin Silva 212
  22. Jonathan Hayes 212
  23. Scott Gotta 211
  24. Fred Jasper 211
  25. Lenard Evans 211
Justin Lloyd
James McKenna
Drew VanJura
Frank The Clown
Laffie Green

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