The Results are In!

1st Place Winner Ben Palmer

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Payback Pick 'Em! Since the Ziggler/Corbin match was moved to the pre-show, it did not count towards point totals. Also, since the official WWE ruling of the Enzo/Cass vs. Vaudevillians match was a no contest, that match will be considered a wash and will not count towards your point total (since neither team technically won). WWE record books officially say Charlotte defeated Nattie via submission (1997 flashback). Finally, everyone was awarded the points on the Shane/Stephanie announcement since they both were officially announced as Vince's choice for running Raw.

With losing a few Pick 'Em questions, things were pretty darn tight. In the end, though, it was Ben Palmer of Westport, Mass who took the top podium spot. There was a good handful of participants who ended up with 37 points, but after going through all the tie-breakers, Ben broke through and took home the cake. Great job, Ben! Check him out on Twitter @BPalmer1227.

Second and third place saw Devin Locke, Dean Younglove of Wyandotte, MI and Christian Czesak of Chicago, IL lock up in a 3 way tie. Congrats and nice picks! These three Pick 'Em geniuses will be splitting the second and third place prizes right down the middle, as Bill Alfonso would say. Follow Devin on Twitter @WWEdidYouKnow88, Dean @GettingWorked and Christian on Instagram @Christianjames731 Love the shirt, Devin. Enzo would be proud! Christian had some nice seats last night (In the red, taking a picture). Grab that briefcase, Dean!

Runners up Devin Locke, Dean Younglove and Christian Czesak

We will be adding some additional questions and prop bets moving forward to avoid ties. We appreciate all of the feedback and support, thank you! Stay tuned for some HUGE announcements regarding the next couple of Pick 'Em contests we know you will love.