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Wrestlemania 30 poll winner: John Decaria

Thank you to all the fans who participated in the WrestleMania XXX Pick 'Em Contest. John Decaria (@jtdecaria34) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the victor with a total of 39 points. John had Daniel Bryan and the #yesmovement all the way, John Cena, AJ Lee, no Sting appearance and The Shield. What put John over the top, though, was him correctly picking both the winner of the Battle Royal and the last wrestler eliminated from the Battle Royal. Impressive! Congrats, John!

On a side note, big ups to Brian McDonald (@Brian0703) who was the only entrant to pick Brock Lesnar to end the streak.

Also, there was some confusion regarding the Shield pick that we would like to clarify. The pick was guessing who would pin who in the match; for example Dean Ambrose pins Kane or Road Dogg pins Seth Rollins. Most all entrants only selected the Shield to win and did not specify who would pin who. Therefore, all entrants who selected the Shield to win, whether or not they picked who would pin who, were rewarded the 5 points. This had no effect on the outcome as the runner up had 29 points to John's 39.

Thank you again to everyone who participated. The next Pick 'Em contest will likely be SummerSlam and will feature multiple prizes!

Click here for the top scores:

John Decaria 39
John Steager 29
Dominick Gildersleeve 29
Douglas Scarpa 29
Brandon Staub 26
Aaron Standing 24
Jeff Skowronski 24
Jason Recktenwald 24
Josip Kozina 24
Justin Smith 24
Brittany Fields 24
Laura Valentino 24
Jovan Roberts 24
Travis Narry 24
Joe Slavinski 24
Joe Paradis 24
Kevin Kelly 24
Sammy Sheen 24
Gus Ingrasciotta 24
Sammy Ryd 24
Jason Cortez 24
Derrick Bostic 24
Nikolas Melendez 24
David Paden 24
Justin Davidoff 24
Matt Imperio 24
Mike Dombrowski 24
Ben Tilley 23
Kevin Abbott 23
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Niko Melendez 21
Michael Charlip 21
William Kaminski 19
Aaron Standing 19
Spencer Hunt 19
Matt Imperio 19
Justin Arbadju 19
Spencer Hunt 19 19
Dustin Fetchak 19
Adam Dittebrand 19
Derrick Clark 19
John Steager 19
Tom Baccari 19
Purchase Code Rb8H3JsGiU1395898639: 19
Rich Zacek 19
Brian McDonald 19
Case Roberts 19
Bryce Foster 19
Isaac Canty 19
Matt Mcshane 19
Mitchel Ross 19
Mark Kain 19
Bill Rehbein 19
Gus Ingrasciotta 19
Justin Smith 19
Dustin Fetchak 19
Frank Olszewski 19
Anthony Scott 19
Ryan Reider 19